Evolve alongside worldwide recognized iGaming Platform.


Expand your business and ensure seamless scalability.


Tailor your product instantly to meet any requirements and target markets for ultimate flexibility.


Empower your business with a platform built to withstand the test of time, peak moments through efficient responsible business and partnership


Ensure all data within the platform is securely protected and fully compliant with personal data protection requirements.


Elevate your business to new heights with a platform that seamlessly adapts to evolving legislation and diverse equipment needs.

“Atlaslive is a robust, scalable, and reliable igaming platform that supports the growth of our partners’ business by ensuring 99.9 percent uptime, one of the best in the industry.”

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive



Sportsbook API Integration

API integration is a rapid solution tailored for iGaming aggregators, platforms, and operators who either lack a Sportsbook or are willing to enhance their current one. Set up and launch your Sportsbook effortlessly.

Time to market: from 2 days to 6 weeks*

*depending on preferred options and customization requirements

White Label

For established operators holding valid licenses, Atlaslive offers a Turnkey solution with a full suite of premium products. Elevate your business to new heights with the Atlaslive platform

Time to market: 2 - 4 weeks*

*depending on preferred options and customization requirements


For established operators holding a valid license, Atlaslive offers a Turnkey solution with a full suite of top-quality products, including Sportsbook, Casino, Virtual Sports, Live Casino, Lottery betting, and TV Games. Elevate your business to new heights.

Time to market: 4 - 8 weeks*

*depending on preferred options and customization requirements


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Atlaslive Platform

Atlaslive, a dynamic iGaming platform that provides innovative B2B software solutions for iGaming operators. Our platform is designed to be faster, more scalable, and more reliable than the vast majority of legacy platforms available today.

Built on a foundation of diverse and flexible components, Atlaslive enables rapid adaptation and customization to meet the specific requirements of different markets and operational needs.

To efficiently manage your entire business from a single centralized location, while enjoying the benefits of automated procedures and innovative tools that ensure seamless operations with minimal oversight or effort, the Atlaslive platform offers the following features

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A ready-made solution for launching online sportsbooks from scratch. Ideal for iGaming aggregators, platforms and operators. 

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Over 10 000 casino games, live games and virtual sports, lotteries, jackpots, free spins and tournaments in one place.

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    Bonus engine

A priceless experience of creating and managing all types of bonuses and free bets, offering operators flexibility across 150 activity parameters to personalize customer rewards.

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    Payment system

250+ worldwide payment methods, all currencies including crypto, universal StateMachine hub integration, intelligent fund withdrawal management.

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    Risk management & Anti-fraud

Instant identification and tracking minimize risk exposure, while configurable management of customer categories secures your product like never before.

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    Business Analytics

Customizable reports featuring over 100 different metrics and filters, paired with high-performance personal dashboards.

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Manage large retail networks from a central location with customizable layouts, seamless cashier and self-service terminals, multi-language support, and advanced BI tools.

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An advanced CRM system to plan and automate marketing interactions and customer experiences, featuring real-time data, 200+ triggers, and multichannel communication.

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Optimizes casino operations through comprehensive features to enhance performance and player experiences.


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